Let’s work together

We create Experience Films which capture the spirit of your retreat to inspire the next participants to join you and remind the current participants of the special memories they shared.

An Experience Film is just that. It’s a sensual experience, which draws the viewer into the moments you shared with your participants. It is the most powerful testimonial to the energy and brilliance you help unlock in participants.

We customize each Experience Film to you exact needs… how long you need us to film, whether you want to film special dinners or experience, or whether you need to add interviews / podcasts or testimonials.

Many videographers can film and edit. What makes us unique is our discretion. You won’t even notice us. And when you do, you will see a Master at work, which only enhances the energy of what you are creating. 

Packages and Prices

Services. Soulful media and video recording for your retreat


You will recieve:

  • 1 x ½ day on-site filming session
  • Experience film production


  • 1 x same day mobile preview
  • 1 x additional short film
  • 30+ snapshots from the film

Package price: €750

Services. Soulful media and video recording for your retreat


You will recieve:

  • 5 x ½ day on-site filming sessions
  • Experience film production


  • 3 x same day mobile previews
  • 3 x additional short films
  • 100+ snapshots from the film

Package price: €3 500

Services. Soulful media and video recording for your retreat


  • subscription service
  • pay monthly, spread the cost
  • filming and editing throughout the year
  • flexible schedule
  • regular stream of snapshots and media

Package price € on request

About our services

Experience film production

Your experience film is professionally produced. The package covers:

  • pre-production planning
  • filming
  • editing
  • colour grading
  • sound design including royalty-free music
  • media storage and digital distribution

Same-day mobile preview

Often clients ask for something to share immediately and additional short preview films on a mobile phone are quick to produce and share. This may be a preview of the main project, back-stage footage or something else that feels relevant. This will have minimal editing and will be social media ready.

Additional short film

Short films to accompany the main experience film often contain video testimonials, interviews or product showcase are ideal for social media.


Asking people to pose for a photo can be awkward. However, finding a powerful image from a high quality video can bring out the most amazing results. High resolution snapshots are made whilst editing which are great for social media and website imagery.

Subscriptions for regular content

If you have frequent retreats or want to have new edits often throughout the year, a subscription may be just what you need. Not only does this spread the costs through the year, it might help you develop your content gradually, or maybe it supports your strategic marketing plan.

Additional information

Film time, editing time

Filming is part of the process, the time taken to edit is often overlooked, and is usually at least as long as the filming itself.


High quality professional digital equipment is used for filming and editing. Part of the charges are used as contribution to keeping equipment maintained and up to date. Getting the sound right can be one of the most important aspects of videography. A variety of professional audio equipment is used to make sure that the sound is crystal clear. We have drones and stabilisers for active outdoor and dynamic content creation.

Length of content

What is most valuable is to pack the contents of hours of filming in to seconds of film. You can read more about how long the final film should be on our blog here.


I have worked with retreats and clients who use many languages. I am fluent in English, Russian and French, and languages spoken by my team include Spanish, Italian, Arabic amongst others. Subtitles can also be added at an additional cost.

Filming locations

Anywhere is possible. There is no extra charge for the first hour of travel, and after one hour, the direct cost of travel will be added to the bill, as will accommodation and sustenance for overnight stays.

Extra’s, additional edits and other custom requests

Additional edits or filming days can be added based on standard day rates.

What else do I do?

Although filming retreats is the main focus, weddings, corporate activities and family films can also be made. You can find an overview here at annecyfilm.com.

Rules of engagement

It is important for us to agree how we work together from the start to avoid difficult moments later on.

  • Each new engagement starts with a consultation so we can make sure we can work together and to understand what it is you are looking to achieve
  • Projects will be quoted for in advance, and once you provide confirmation of the quote, and our terms and conditions, I will confirm the project to you
  • deposit of 50% of the quote must be received prior to starting work
  • Payment is preferred by bank transfer however cash is possible by arrangement
  • Small projects of one to two days can be arranged usually within a week or so, longer projects will need more notice — we can work this out during the quotation stage
  • Standard per day rate for any extra’s or bespoke requirements is €650