Share the spirit of your retreat

I capture the essence of your retreat on film so you can inspire others to join your next retreat and remind participants of the special memories they shared.

Every retreat is unique. My team and I will work with you to develop a bespoke approach to soulful filming and video editing that captures the energy and atmosphere of your retreats.

 By paying attention to the details, the recorded videos will genuinely reflect your retreats and the message you want to communicate to your audience. 

I particularly enjoy filming retreats such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness, nutrition, and business-related events.

Kate Cramon

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Working together

Professional filming, fantastic drone shots, and exciting edits with sound design and colour grading are essential, however that is not all it takes to share what it feels like to experience your retreat.

Creating inspirational media for your retreat (films and pictures) requires a little extra. An acute sense of being present, attentive and discreet soulful work to put participants at ease, help them to not be conscious of the camera so that they continue to experience the moment. 

We work with integrity, trust and respect for your vision of your retreat — We am known for providing exceptional project support. 

Ways to work


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I believe that video is an incredibly powerful medium to tell stories and engage with your audience. I provide a range of video and editing services that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Backstage photos by Ravindra Kumar